Assignments List of North- West

Sl. No. Location Year Assignment Topic Telephone FileName
1 North- West Provided consultants on annual basis to PGIMER Chandigarh since 2005-06 with 18 consultants now working in different Departments
2 North- West Preparing accounts of Punjab Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management Authority (PUNCAMPA) through our One Sr. Consultant and 9 Consultants since 2010-11
3 North- West Providing assistance to the staff for maintenance of accounts on double entry system and conduct internal audit of National Health Mission Haryana, Panchkula of Since 2010-11. The present strength there is 3 consultants and one Asstt. Consultant
4 North- West Providing services to IIT ROPAR, since 2009-10 and presently provided two consultants and two asstt. Consultants for audit and accounts job
5 North- West Provided services of one consultant and four assitt.consultants during 2011-12 to 2015-16 for audit and accounts duties of Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh
6 North- West Provided services on annual basis since 2011-12 for compilation of annual accounts of CAMPA and presently there are two consultants and one asstt. Consultant
7 North- West Conducting internal audit of half yearly accounts through one team consisting of one consultant and two asstt.consultants of Punjab State Transmission Corporation Limited, Patiala of Since 2012-13.
8 North- West Deputed two teams each consisting of one Sr. consultant and two consultants for scrutiny of returns of self-assessment of tax furnished by the Assessees during the years 2010-11 to 2013-14 in Excise and Taxation Department, Punjab.
9 North- West Services of one consultant for accounts duty were provided from April,2013 to January 2014 of Sports Department U.T. Govt., Chandigarh.
10 North- West One consultant and one asstt.consultant were posted for audit and accounts duty from 2012-13 to 2016-17 of National Institute of Electronic Information Technology, Chandigarh.
11 North- West Three consultants were posted in three departments for audit during 2013-14 to 2015-16 in Union Territory of Chandigarh Administration
12 North- West Posted one consultant on annual basis since 2011-12 in University Institute of Engineering Technology.
13 North- West Our team of one Sr. consultant and one consultant compiled Manual of Accounts and Audit from December, 2015 to April 2016 of Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Mohali.
14 North- West Two teams each having one Sr. consultant and two consultants under overall charge of a Director assisted the Punjab University, Chandigarh for compilation of Balances of Assets and Liabilities as on 31.3.2015 for the purpose of compilation of accounts on double entry system from 2015-16. The Annual Accounts for 2015-16 were compiled and were certified. This job was done in 2016-17, Two consultants were posted in January 2017 on regular basis to oversee the compilation of accounts from 2016-17 onwards on double entry system, Training on maintenance of accounts on Double Entry System was imparted to the officers and staff of the University from January to April 2017  by three Group Officers (retired), A team headed by a Retd. A G and assisted by four consultants was deputed in October 2016 to June 2017 for special audit of Pension and other funds accounts with a view to find out the actual embezzlement noticed by the University earlier
15 North- West One consultant has been posted on regular basis from 2015-16. Besides, Internal Audit of the Corpn was conducted by two consultants twice for three months each in 2016-17 in Haryana Power Generation Corporation, Panchkula.
16 North- West Team of one Sr. consultant and one consultant compiled accounts, audit and office procedure Manual in 2015-16 in National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mohali.
17 North- West A team of one Sr. consultant one consultant and one asstt.consultant were posted for five months for special audit in 2013-14 in Punjab Food grains Procurement Corporation Ltd. Chandigarh.
18 North- West One consultant was posted during December,2012 to September 2013 in Society for Promotion of Information Technology, Chandigarh
19 North- West One consultant was posted from 201-14 to 2015-16 of University Institute of Chemical Engineering Technology,Chandigarh.
20 North- West A team of one Sr. consultant and one consultant compiled three Manuals on Accounts, Audit and Budget in nine months from June 2014 to February 2015 of Punjab State Forest Development Corporation Mohali.
21 North- West A team of one Sr. consultant and two consultants conducted special audit of Balance Sheet for 2014-15 for one month in May 2016 in respect of Haryana Cooperating Marketing Federation (HAFED).
22 North- West A team of one Sr. consultant and one consultant conducted special audit of its accounts for 2014-15 in December 2015 to February 2016 in Panipat Cooperative Sugar Mills,Panipat.
23 North- West The Government entrusted Internal Audit of PRI which was taken up by three teams in three districts in Punjab from January 2017 after imparting training to officers and staff of the department from September 2016 to December 2016 in Panchayati  Raj Institutions of Punjab.
24 North- West A team of one Sr. Consultant and two Consultant has been deployed initially for a period of 6 month from December 2017 to prepare a comprehensive appraisal of Modernisation of Police Force in Punjab. The work is in progress
25 North- West Assignment of restructuring of audit and accounts cadre of Haryana Finance Department of Govt. of Haryana, Chandigarh was taken up by a team consisting of one Retd. AG two Retd.DAG one consultant and one I T expert with effect from 3rd January 2018 for a period of 4 months. Government has also entrusted the job of conducting of SAS Examination which will be carried out by chapter after the Government approves the Report prepared by us on restructuring