Assignments List of UP-I, Allahabad

Sl. No. Location Year Assignment Topic Telephone FileName
1 UP-I, Allahabad 2013-14 Workshop on Financial Management in Central Autonomous Bodies at University of Allahabad
2 UP-I, Allahabad 2014-15 Internal Audit and Stock Verification of Show Rooms of Coir Board (for Kerala Chapter)
3 UP-I, Allahabad 2014-15 Workshop on Financial Management and Tendering at UP Electronics Corporation, Lucknow
4 UP-I, Allahabad 2015-16 Systems Audit of procurements by the UP Electronics Corporation, Lucknow
5 UP-I, Allahabad 2015-16 Forensic Audit of financial misdemeanors in Lucknow Regional Office of Spices Board at Barabanki
6 UP-I, Allahabad 2015-16 Workshop on Administrative and Financial procedures in autonomous bodies at Institute of Engineering and Rural Technology, Allahabad