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Request for contributing Articles for IPAI Journal
The Institute of Public Auditors of India (IPAI), established in 1996, is an autonomous organization set up under the patronage of Comptroller & Auditor General of India with the primary aim of promoting the cause of public accountability, audit, financial management and effective governance. The Institute has, since its inception, made significant contribution in the foregoing areas of public administration by organizing several high level seminars and conferences on contemporary issues, imparting training in the area of skill development of personnel engaged in PRIs and urban local bodies. It has already established itself as reputed consultants in the areas of monitoring and evaluation, budgetary system and accounting and sectoral analysis. As a part of its publications, the Institute brings out a Journal titled √čIndian Journal of Public Audit and Accountability√Ć. I am happy to inform that the Journal is appearing once in six months and six issues have come out in the last three years out of the total of 13 issues. The latest issue was published in January 2012. This has been possible only because of the cooperation and involvement of our readers and, in particular, of contributors of the Journal. The authors are drawn from IAAS officers (retired / in service) and outside academics and public administrators, etc. Consistent publication of the journal with good quality articles is an important academic activity of IPAI. I take the opportunity of making a request to please send us an article on any subject / theme relevant to our journal. Some suggested themes are give below:-
  1. Role of Audit in Parliamentary Democracy : Functioning of the CAG.
  2. Parliament & CAG Interface; Functioning of Public Accounts Committee and Committee on Public Undertakings; Standing Committee on Finance
  3. Making Public Audit Effective: Executive Action / Inaction: Future Challenges before Public Audit
  4. Public Perception of Audit, Media Interface
  5. Social Audit
  6. Transparency in Accounts in Government; Accrual Accounting
  7. Issues in Budgetary Reform: Fiscal Responsibility Act; Expenditure Management in Government; State Government Finances
  8. Personnel and Human Resource Management of Finance Managers
  9. Accountability of Corporate Sector: Corporate Governance; Role of Chartered Accountants
  10. Freedom of Information Act
  11. General Accountability Issues: Accountability of Civil Servants, Political Executives
  12. You may, however, choose a theme of your choice not mentioned above since the range and scope of subject on which you can write is indeed very wide. This is because accountability issues and governance issues apart from auditing issues and financial management issues, which are the main focus areas of our Journal present a very large spectrum of subject to choose from. Your article may please be sent to me either by e-mail or by post. I may also add that the IPAIs Journal has also been registered with Indian National Center for ISSN in June 2012.
(Anupam Kulshreshtha)
IPAI India, Copyright 2012-2013